Harriet Round Dining Table

Harriet Round Dining Table

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The Harriet Round Table is the perfect Breakfast table or for a small dining room that doesn't have much space for a traditional rectangular dining table.  


Custom made in Los Angeles, CA

Eco-friendly construction

Made from reclaimed wood. Wood has been restored & given a rough finish for the antique look and texture. Unsealed salvaged solid pine includes distinctive nicks, splits, cracks, knots, nail holes and imperfections that speak to the wood's age and provenance. This item is artisan-crafted with meticulous care. Given its handmade and hand-finished nature, variations and imperfections in the wood are to be expected and celebrated. Each salvaged item is an original and no two are exactly alike.  By their nature, unsealed salvaged wood planks may be somewhat uneven and may develop small cracks and cup or bow over time due to changes in the home environment, including temperature or humidity.


48" DIAMETER, 31H, RH1.75, LH29.50

54" DIAMETER, 31H, RH1.75, LH29.50

60" DIAMETER, 31H, RH1.75, LH29.50

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